MedTech & Pharmaceutical Support

Medical Equipment: Special Service knows that challenges exist when manufacturers, hospitals and research facilities, wholesalers and distributors need to ship equipment such as x-ray machines, computed tomography scanners, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) devices, centrifuges, analytical devices, large Medical grade fridges/freezers and medical dispensing machines. Such machinery and hospital equipment is not only large, heavy, sensitive, and extremely valuable, but is time-critical and involves multiple teams coordinating the move and set-up.

We provide high quality warehouse handlers and drivers who understand the importance of getting medical deliveries right, and who have been trained using customer supplied instructional materials on how to handle specific medical, surgical, diagnostic and imaging equipment.

We offer:
Clean and secure warehousing with full CCTV coverage
Inbound receipt and Inspection of hi-value items and reporting
Ability to liaise with on-site technicians and customer to set up installation times
Security and Tracking of vehicles when on the delivery
Reliability for on-time delivery
Appropriate blankets/straps and handling equipment for large crated devices
Trained 2/3 and 4 man teams who behave with the professionalism expected in this environment
The correct tools for uncrating and positioning
Paperwork and reporting
Availability to remove large costly specialized medical crates and old units, store, consolidate, re-pack and ship out.

We support finished goods going into immediate use, demonstration goods and returns/repairs for many of the top Global Medical Device Manufacturers

In the past three years we have handled over 100,000 pieces of medical equipment from such brand names as Life Sciences/Thermo Fisher, Illumina, Optima, Abbott, Cepheid, Hologic, Olympus, Siemens, Smith and Nephew, Zeiss and many more.

Pharmaceuticals: A number of our locations support Drug Companies advance distribution of sample Pharmaceutical to local and regional sales teams working with local Hospitals, Doctors and Medical facilities.
The locations provide:
A clean, dry and secure storage facility
Distribution as directed to reps
Inventory Control, replenishment and updating of stock as directed